29 Aug


Dear guests! Before booking on our website, please contact the administrator to check the available rooms at the hotel. We are looking forward to our meeting. Your Sinfonia del Mare.
7 Dec

Сharitable action “Give a smile to children”.

Hotel Sinfonia Del Mare participates in the charity event “Give a smile to children”. Anyone who has an opportunity and a desire can take part and give the child Happiness. The gift can be anything: cereals, juices, fruits, sweets, books, pens, markers, pencils, albums, notebooks, puzzles, board games, toys, balls, films and cartoons, socks, baby...
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14 Nov

Accumulation system!

We appreciate our communication and the time that we spend together. Hotel Sinfonia del Mare offers you a cumulative system for your favorite guests, with which you can simultaneously live in our hotel and receive pleasant gifts for yourself. 🎁 Do not believe me? Come and see for yourself! You can book a room by...
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14 Nov

Refer a friend and get a discount!

If you liked to relax in the Sinfonia del Mare hotel, recommend us to your friends or acquaintances and get a pleasant 10% bonus for the next stay with us! For all questions please call ☎️: + 38048737-66-33; +380983193374.
14 Nov

A vacation for our bachelors.

The Sinfonia del Mare hotel will help you find the second half. Tell about events that you can visit and meet your love. Will help with the choice of restaurants for a romantic dinner. Well, of course will give a lot of positive and romantic mood. You can reserve a room by phone + 380983193374,0487032936.
14 Nov

Bonus for publishing!

Make a publication in social networks with the mark of the hotel Sinfonia Del Mare and get a nice bonus as a gift! We can be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SinfoniaDelMare/, as well as in Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sinfonia_del_mare/. Subscribe to us, post photos and get bonuses. We know how to make surprises for our guests!