Sinfonia Del Mare

Sinfonia Del Mare - история и становление


Odessa is one of the most beautiful and diverse in terms of architecture cities of Ukraine. One of the main elements of its historical development are ancient houses, which are unique and have its own unique aura and charm.  We invite you to  immerse into the  atmosphere of the turn of the century of flourishing industry and construction boom in  Odessa, the era of which left a lot of architectural pearls to current days and in a great deal formed the bright and recognizable face of the city.  

There are streets in Odessa with wonderful names: Tchistaya, Tenistaya, Radostnaya, Uyutnaya, Morskaya … Starting from the Konnaya street, passing through the Torgovaya and Dvoryanskaya street and ending on the Preobrazhenskaya, one will face  short  and amazing street called Shchepkina street. It was officially called Shepkina street in  1921 , in honor of Evgeny Nikolaevich Schepkin –   professor of general history at Novorussian University, member of the First State Duma in 1919 – 1920,  and commissioner of higher education institutions in Odessa.

After his death, the name of the street, where a significant part of buildings of the university are located, was firmly intertwined with  history of Odessa city itself. The original name of the street – Elizavetinskaya  street was titled in 1828 in honor of Elizaveta Ksaverievna, the wife of Governor General Count M. Vorontsov. Despite two attempts (in 1941 -1944 – during the Romanian occupation – and in 1994 – in the first years of Ukraine’s independence) to restore the street to the name of Elisaveta, the memory of grateful residents of Odessa again and again returned the deserved street name.

The buildings constructed on this street reflect the demands of time and fashion. Not without reason, most of them are still in the register of architectural monuments. And thanks to the celebrities who lived in them – in the register of historical monuments. The area of ​​Shchepkina (Elisavetinskaya), Sadovaya, Dvoryanska  and adjacent streets was always among the aristocratic ones. Being far from the major trade avenues (for example, Alexandrovsky), these streets have been always enjoying silence, comfort and peace.

The architecture here is diverse and refined,, ,  Historical development of Shchepkina street area is not only  harmonious, but also  kind of encyclopedia of styles and unique Odessa colors.

Among such historical buildings on Schepkina street is  “Marvelous House”, owned by Baron Jean Reno, associate of the Duke de Richelieu, a member of the Odessa Construction Committee.  “Marvelous House” was called for the reason that it was triangular in shape. It was located on the corner of  Preobrazhenskaya and Elixavetinskaya streets, and in the rear it was limited by the continuation of the present Dvoranskaya street. Formerly the “Marvelous House” had Elisavetinskaya Street number 23 address, and now it belongs to Preobrazhenskaya 11A, where on the first floor hotel “Sinfonia Del Mare ” is located.

Landplot under Sinfonia del Mare hotel was originally owned by Polish nobleman and consequently it was acquired by Baron Jean Reno in the early 1820s. Baron conspired with neighbors to build up the rear roadway – so that everyone got some land to avoid any disputes. According to the materials of the State Archives of Odessa Region, the Construction Committee went to meet an influential citizen (who, by the way, lent the city a lot of money under symbolic interest); But the case dragged on for years, as the construction of the quarter led to a change in the general plan of Odessa. Nevertheless, about a decade later, “The Marvelous House” was built. Memoirists testify that the front entrance from the aforementioned crossroads was decorated with stone knights, and in decoration of the facade Masonic symbols were present.

Such details of architecture of past times made Schepkina street not only unique in appearance, but also interesting for tourists. For this reason, in the heart of the historical district, the hotel “Sinfonia Del Mare” is located, so that’s why every new guest could enjoy not only the comfort of its walls, but also feel the spirit of the past. The history of the hotel building dates back to 1990. It was built according to the project of the outstanding architect Valerian Ivanovich Schmidt. The facade is replete with architectural ornaments of various kinds, which can’t leave emotionally ignorant any passing person.

Also it may be interesting to make a small diversion and delve into the origin of the word “hotel” itself. If you turn to any Russian-language dictionary, you can find that the hotel is an institution that provides temporary residence for money. You do not need to be a linguist to see in this word the root of the word “guest”. But, if we go into more detail about this issue, it turns out that although the origin of the word has a connection with the word “guest”, it still has its roots in a slightly different definition.

At the time of ancient Slavic Russia, there was such a thing as a “gostinets”, it was applied to a road along which various merchants (guests) arrived, bringing goods (gifts). Initially, the guests were not called every person who came to the man’s house, but only the merchants. Such people needed a lodging and for them the idea of ​​building special living rooms came up, where they stayed and where they were engaged in trade. This was the first hotel. It’s true, that first format of hotel didn’t exist very long, as they didn’t represent a special benefit for their housekeepers and in the future such establishments as inns, taverns, yam stations, courtyards began to replace those.

This was a short digression into the history of the word “hotel”, and now we will return directly to the building of the hotel “Sinfonia Del Mare”.

According to advertisements for 1900, in this building there was a school of women’s hats called “Antoinette”, and also there was a clinic, where not all people could afford medical treatment, but only the elite of Odessa society.

Preserving the ancient traditions, we now encourage our dear guests to induge the old atmosphere and feel it literally – after a relaxing massage in our cozy massage room, which is located in the building of the hotel “Sinfonia Del Mare”. Professional masters with extensive experience will help to relieve tension after a hard day’s work and will give you a great mood and wonderful well-being! Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of removing the burden of problems from your shoulders, and also to drink a cup of delicious aromatic tea or coffee offered to you by our hotel’s administrators.

“Sinfonia Del Mare” is a place of comfortable rest, where you can relax with your soul and body, forget about all your daily worries, and enjoy wonderful Odessa city. We  want our guests to return again and again to Odesa for pleasant emotions and impressions!